Beyond Promotional Products:   
Since 2000, Liberty Clark, Inc. companies have specialized in product decoration for medical device and industrial manufacturers.  For more detailed information check us out at: or contact us at: 1-800-349-0058.
Medical Device Imaging:  
Liberty Clark, Inc.  offers a ISO 14644-1 Class 7 certified Cleanroom for sensitive environment printing requirements.  We use only the best medical grade ink and offer certifications for each batch run.
Our ISO 7/Class 10,000 certified Cleanroom is a special use room reserved for print jobs demanding a very low particle count environment. 
Staff enter through a preparatory area wearing protective clothing such as hats, powder-free nitrile gloves, face masks, booties, and lab coats or smocks. Equipment inside the cleanroom is designed to generate minimal air contamination. Our designated cleanroom printing presses are designed to generate minimal particle waste.
Industrial Product Imaging:  
Since 2000, Liberty Clark, Inc. companies have been a trusted resource for manufacturers and prototype developers.   If you require durable and precise images printed directly on a manufactured component, you’ve come to the right place.
Awkward, small, and large parts up to 18” in length in one hit!  From prototype to production, no quantity is too large or too small.  Precision to your specified standards is our promise to you.
Specialty Printing Services: 
Hot Stamping / Foil Stamping: A transfer process under pressure and heat with the use of an engraved die. 
Screen Printing: Flat Screen Printers – Cylindrical Screen Printing – High Volume Screen Printing is another method used to add graphically detailed images to your finished parts. Using artwork provided by your art department, or developed by our staff, we can apply multiple colors to your product. 
Heat Transfers – Heat transfer decals are pre-printed graphic images that are bonded to the part/substrate using heat and pressure. The heat transfer decal is more permanent and resistant than most decorating methods and allows for multiple colors applied in one pass.